In military architecture, a bastion constructed of one face, 1 and one flank. Also called a half-bastion.
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From the residence, the south wall of the qasba, later partly obliterated by the new bastioned trace, ran west and then, just behind the new south-west half-bastion's orillion, tracked slightly north.
The best available view, Phillips' 1683 "Tangier from the West, Before it Was Demolished", is closest to the best English draughts and to the Krigsarkivet one: the qasba/Citadel wall included five irregularly spaced square traveses between the postern and the north-east half-bastion. The only old-style round cubelo stood near the angle of the latter, next to Seller's "Stayner's Battery" gun emplacement.
From the Citadel's north-east half-bastion down the slope to the Parade Place ("Old Parado") there ran a plain curtain wall topped with a narrow sentry path and a solid parapet with loopholes for small arms only.
21 is positioned in front of the Old Gate, together with a suggested palisade half-bastion (toward the shore and the East Tower).
(136) It is here that a Portuguese hornwork comprising two half-bastions had been erected, long before the English takeover, to reinforce the Castelo novo's east curtain.
The qasba covered the same area as the citadel minus its angle bastions, half-bastions, and north-western bastioned landfront (see Map 2).