In military architecture, a bastion constructed of one face, 1 and one flank. Also called a half-bastion.
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2, and the detailed 1670 NMM F1959 P/43(7) both endow the north half-bastion with a distinctively lopsided point that almost makes it into a "bastard" full angle bastion.
179) Seller's "Royall City" and plans of the Ge DD 2987 (8064) type feature a segment of this old wall, with two round cubelos, stretching across the neck of the half-bastion and serving by then as a retaining wall for the landfill platform to the north.
The best available view, Phillips' 1683 "Tangier from the West, Before it Was Demolished", is closest to the best English draughts and to the Krigsarkivet one: the qasba/Citadel wall included five irregularly spaced square traveses between the postern and the north-east half-bastion.
From the Citadel's north-east half-bastion down the slope to the Parade Place ("Old Parado") there ran a plain curtain wall topped with a narrow sentry path and a solid parapet with loopholes for small arms only.
21 is positioned in front of the Old Gate, together with a suggested palisade half-bastion (toward the shore and the East Tower).
The qasba covered the same area as the citadel minus its angle bastions, half-bastions, and north-western bastioned landfront (see Map 2).