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1. Offensive a person whose parents are of different races, esp the offspring of a White person and an American Indian
2. of, relating to, or designating offspring of people or animals of different races or breeds
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the offspring produced from interracial marriages. In anthropology, half-breeds usually occupy an intermediate position between the mixed races. In America the offspring of a white person and an American Indian are called half-breeds.

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(19) "If put on farms at once (as they will have to be if the Half-breeds and others are allowed to killed all the Buffalo), he will starve, but if the game is kept for him while he is learning something of farming, when the time comes when the game is gone, he will more readily agree to go on reserve and farm for all time to come.
Louis Riel was born in St Boniface (in territory that later, due to his efforts, became Manitoba) in 1844, the son of a French-speaking Metis (half-breed) and a French-Canadian mother.
It is my contention here that by viewing Ritchot's utterance as a speech-act, (19) "the essential question [...] in studying any given text, is what the author, in writing at the time he did write for the audience he intended to address, could in practice have been intending to communicate by the utterance of this given utterance." (20) This article will first look at the practical political context in the District of Assiniboia in 1869 to see how "political life itself sets the main problems for the political" actors, since it causes "a certain range of issues to appear problematic, and a corresponding range of questions to become the leading subjects of debate." (21) It will then present the speech-acts of both Metis and Half-Breed spokespersons around the issue of Indian title.
Gilman and Daniel Boyarin refer to the "half-breed" passage in their analysis of the rapport between psychoanalysis and race, they both situate their interpretation primarily in the specific frame of race as Jewishness, on the account of Freud's complex relation to his being a Jew.
Haultain's claims, however, excluded "any lands granted by the Dominion for homesteads or pre-emptions or in settlement of half-breed claims." (76) On this basis, Stewart insisted that had the provinces been granted control of their natural resources in 1905, they would have implemented similar homesteading and scrip policies.
The Manitoba Act, 1870, allegedly justified Metis exclusion from the Indian Act since it made provision for "the extinguishment of the Indian Title to the lands in the Province" by granting 1.4 million acres as well as other protections to "the benefit of the families of the half-breed residents" (Kennedy 643).
Deep Reconnaissance Team 2113 is sent there undercover and one of the members is Kadar San, a half-breed human Zentadon with telepathic powers.
Born with the terrible "gift" of being able to see the half-breed demons and angels that walk the earth in human form, the tormented youngster was driven to take his own life (a Catholic sin that gets you a one-way ticket to Hell).
I find it interesting that the whole concept of being "mixed blood" or a "half-breed" can still, in this day and age, evolve into a volatile discussion just over the use of the terms.
Peinado the half-breed sees himself as the voice of a geography without territory.
Welsh Half-Breed: C & R ML Thomas, Bryn Nebo, Llanrwst.
Marcus takes his time developing the book's heroes: the capable half-breed Billy Powell and the noble Abraham, the former military commander who runs the famed sanctuary deep in the Florida Everglades for runaway slaves.