half-timbered wall

half-timbered wall

Descriptive of buildings of the 16th and 17th centuries, which were built with strong timber foundations, supports, knees, and studs, and whose walls were filled in with plaster or masonry materials such as brick.

interior wall

Any wall within a building; entirely surrounded by exterior walls.

load-bearing wall

A wall capable of supporting an imposed load in addition to its own weight.

masonry wall

A load-bearing or non-load-bearing wall consisting of hollow masonry units.

non-load-bearing wall

A wall subject only to its own weigh and wind pressure.


An interior wall dividing a room or part of a building into separate areas; may be either non-load-bearing or load-bearing.

party wall

A wall used jointly by two parties under an easement agreement, erected upon a line dividing two parcels of land, each one a separate real estate entity; a common wall.

retaining wall

A wall, either freestanding or laterally braced, that bears against earth or other fill surface and resists lateral and other forces from the material in contact with the side of the wall.
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Bedroom 1 features a half-timbered wall and exposed ceiling timber and overlooks the rear garden.
With half-timbered walls, oak beds and wooden furniture, it's designed to 'immerse guests in the dawn of the Middle Ages.'.
A contemporary three-star townhouse hotel with each of the individually styled bedrooms having half-timbered walls, dormer windows and loft ceilings.
Half-timbered walls, cast-iron table legs and high-backed settles add to the atmosphere with a large stone fireplace occupying one wall of the pub.
The second reception room is even larger and has as its focal point a character stonebuilt inglenook fireplace, providing a contrast from the half-timbered walls and beamed ceiling.
Walking directly ahead, we cross a plank bridge on the approach to the impressive half-timbered walls of Dinsdale Spa.
The comfortable and spacious lounge has half-timbered walls with textured plaster panels and all of the bric- a-brac and effects required to give it a hunting lodge feel.
Half-timbered walls, steep gables, and overflowing planters illustrate the inventiveness of Northern California design in the early 20th century You'll see this drawing and nearly 100 others illustrating the Bay Area's architectural history--including work by such luminaries as Julia Morgan and Thomas Church--in a dazzling exhibition at Limn Gallery in San Francisco.
On the ?rst ?oor there is a built-in cupboard, doors to two bedrooms - one with half-timbered walls - the other with exposed beams, and a shower room with shower, basin and toilet.