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A corridor or a passageway in a house, hotel, office, institutional or commercial building.

What does it mean when you dream about a hallway?

Hallways often symbolize the unconscious passageways through which people travel to either life or death. They also represent a new level of consciousness or a new experience, as well as a journey into the unknown. (See also Corridor).


A corridor; a passageway.
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Past gatherings were typically packed with bystanders, particularly with elderly members of the party's Wanita wing who would crowd and occupy PWTC's main hallway, where a large screen broadcasting the meeting is placed.
It adds interest, something some hallways are completely devoid of, and doesn't have to cost a fortune.
Veronica Nilson, 79, who lives on the ground floor, says she has to sweep maggots away from the hallway outside her apartment daily - but they keep coming back in their hundreds.
Baron Design, an interior design firm for lobby, hallway, and common areas in high-end cooperatives, condominiums, and real-estate developments, has found that apartments can increase in value by a least 10 percent if the lobby and hallways are remodeled and up-to-date.
Hallways are often narrow and dark so installing the right lighting in this part of the house is essential.
One powerful element of Hallways in the Night is its focus on racial encounters that entangle a community and pit cops against blacks.
"Hallways tend to be draughty places so consider a thermal window dressing,'' says Sarah Quilliam, head of product design at Hillarys blind company.
A hospital policy that calls for moving certain patients to hallways when the hospital is busy.
We Hug in the Hallways Here is a guide to finding the right company culture to suit one's needs--or learning how to adjust to the organizational culture one is currently in.
Make sure paints and fabrics used are hard wearing, especially in communal and family hallways where there is a lot of daily traffic, and, finally, ensure the space is tasteful and clean, welcoming and uplifting.
littering the apartment building hallways. Then, around 5-6 pm the gathering of the hooligans begins in the hallway with excess running, screaming, laughter, and annoying loud chatter.Aa I am continually surprised at the rudeness of parents who think it is OK to let their children run up and down the hallway.Aa Did they rent the hallway ; It is clearly stated in all contracts there is to be "No disturbance at any time."Aa When I called on my neighbor, who is pregnant with her seventh child, she said she 'didn't have time for her children' so she lets them play in the hallway (something wrong with this picture).Aa So, Dubai housing developers if you are reading this, get cracking!