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(CFCs), organic compounds that contain carbon, chlorine, and fluorine atoms. CFCs are highly effective refrigerants that were developed in response to the pressing need to eliminate toxic and flammable substances, such as sulfur dioxide and ammonia, in
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Starting up halon banking systems is certainly in the best interest of developing world airlines.
"Most focus first on economic problems and then on the environment," says Wilman Rajiman, the Indonesia Halon Bank Project manager at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta.
Because for the last two months, she has been working with her vice president of Operations and staff engineers on a plan to convert or replace fire protection equipment using halon in over a quarter million square feet of computer rooms nationwide.
Halon firefighting agents, like chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)-based refrigerants, deplete the ozone layer.
In 1994, the taxability threshold is reduced to 200 pounds of ODCs or 20 pounds of halons.
In addition, a written certification should be secured for any products that are produced free of CFCs or halons. Upon audit, this documentation would be used to demonstrate that the taxpayer had relied upon third-party information in determining its tax liability.
Says Fay, "the solvents industry and [others] who use [CFC] 113 are very concerned because there really are no substitutes on the horizon.' With CFC 113 and the halons, says Fay, the answer to the upcoming limitations may lie in efficient recycling.
Halon Security has been developed and is manufactured by SkalSoft AB in Gothenburg, Sweden, which is primarily focusing on companies with a Mac environment with these products.
"With Halon Security we want to assemble the stringent requirements that the media industry has for a firewall.
This protocol originally froze Halon production at 1986 levels in 1992, called for a 50 percent reduction by 1995, and required a complete phaseout by 2000.
Halon works by interrupting the chemical chain reaction of the fire, not by removing oxygen as many people believe.
Larger units (9-pound capacity and over) contain enough halon to earn a rating (though a low one) for class A fires as well.