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in zoology: see cobracobra,
name for African and Asian snakes of the family Elapidae that are equipped with inflatable neck hoods. The family also includes the African mambas, the Asian kraits, the New World coral snakes and a large number of Australian snakes.
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75 hectares, including land associated with the former Royal Hamadryad Hospital, and would have 45 car parking spaces.
The proposed development, which includes 29 houses and 40 flats, would also have 51 car parking spaces and 20 cycle spaces and would stand next to Hamadryad Park.
The site next to the Royal Hamadryad building has been provisionally obtained in a "land swap" with developers, with the council giving up land to the north of County Hall in Cardiff Bay as part of the bargain.
A California song, A prophecy and indirection, a thought impalpable to breathe as air A chorus of dryads, fading, departing, or hamadryads departing, A murmuring, fateful, giant voice, out of the earth and sky, Voice of a mighty dying tree in the redwood forest dense (351)
They are also surprised when all those present, even the imperious Mary Poppins, pay homage to one of the snakes, the Hamadryad or king cobra.
Choreographed in 1948 to Claude Debussy's Syrinx, composed for a single flute, Hamadryad represents another fusion of Greek myth and American dance typical of the Erdman works Campbell influenced.
Included are songs about Peerless Jim Driscoll, The Old Glamorganshire Canal, the Hamadryad, Tiger Lily and Coal Trimmers.
She was neither brown nor yellow but a sort of saffron in between and we fitted like a glove and I love her to this day and sometimes I see her on the high spring tide, here at Hamadryad Bay.
It says that the development has "proper regard for the scale and character of its residential neighbours to the north and Hamadryad Park to the south".
Barbara McMillan, who is now retired, started training as a nurse 50 years ago and worked at the Cardiff Royal Infirmary, the former Royal Hamadryad Hospital and the University Hospital of Wales.
The Hamadryad hospital started life as a hospital ship.
Land adjacent to the old Royal Hamadryad Hospital in Butetown has been earmarked for a new twoform entry school, which could house either Welshmedium or English-medium pupils.