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suspended bed, usually of netting, canvas, or leather. The hammock and its name were introduced to Europeans by Christopher Columbus, who learned of them from Native Americans. While the plaited hammock seems to be native to the Western Hemisphere, blankets have served the same purpose among primitive tribes in other parts of the world. The hammock was formerly used to conserve space on naval vessels. It has served as a means of conveyance in tropical areas.



a suspended bed woven in the form of a net, invented by Indians, inhabitants of the tropical forests of South America (the Arawaks and others) and used everywhere in that zone. Because of its comfort, it is in use all over the world. It is made from fibers of agave, palms, cotton, or other plants, as well as from synthetic fiber.


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But on offer is Room to Breathe, a day of walking, talking and thinking with a GP and analyst (PS38); the Tinker Project for ages six and upwards, to remake everyday objects (PS3); and the chance to lay back in woodland hammocks and simply relax in the peaceful surroundings.
The Perfect Hammock Solution for Casual Weekend Warriors or Hardcore Hikers
The practice uses a fabric hammock, but it isn't just about the spectacle of hanging from a silk swing.
As chief financial officer of Hammock Pharmaceuticals, he assisted in the initial capitalization of the company, as well as the acquisition of Hammock's foundational drug delivery technology.
Over the Labour Day weekend, 25-year old Alyssa Pfannenstein was lying in a hammock with her boyfriend Justin Jansse when one of the trees on which her hammock was hanging snapped and came crashing down, hitting her in the back of the head.
A WILD camping trip near a North East landmark descended into chaos and turned into a hammock horror movie.
A WILD camping video diary turned into a hammock horror movie after the cameraman was stabbed in the leg.
And a hammock stand, with a perfectly serviceable hammock swinging on top.
Caption: 3 The Hammock Source: Pawleys Island quilted hammocks are designed with 18 individual cushions that run the entire length of the hammock bed.
A man, who was just about to take a rest on a hammock outside his house in Tondo, Manila, became the subject of his neighbor's anger when the latter allegedly lost an argument to his wife Friday evening.
The yoga style demands for the body to be suspend off the ground, with the support of the silk hammock alone.
FORGET a famous brand of cigar - happiness is a hamster relaxing in a hammock, according to Liverpool boffins.