hand clamp

screw clamp

screw clamp
Any clamp set by means of a screw, but esp. one used in woodworking which has two large parallel jaws for holding the work to be pressed together.
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"Suddenly I felt a hand clamp over my face and a knife press to my throat.
Hand clamp: Holds wood pieces together while glue dries
She curled up in bed helpless with laughter with her hand clamped over her mouth as the other two serenaded her, before Greg reached down to rub her cheek.
Ms Lightfoot, who met the thug on Facebook, was punched in the face after being grabbed from behind with Clarke's hand clamped over her mouth.
To cover the motor, he extended the rear canvas fabric to create flaps that wrapped around the engine held together by clipping the edges tightly with metal hand clamps. He also used the hand clamps to hold the fabric in place on the frame when he was applying hot glue to form the hem.
At Yung Kee, however, you will need to keep one hand clamped to your wallet at all times.
I'll be halfway out the door--with two bags around my neck, a babe in one arm, and my other hand clamped around the wrist of my runaway toddler--when I'll realize I've forgotten something.
Roger's hand clamped down with a vice-like grip on a narrow crack in the mountain face.
IOne hand clamps her mobile phone to her ear as she dashes along the pavement to a costume fitting.
Mr Carmichael said domestic violence counsellor Lisa Shortt, robbed of rings worth pounds 15,000, had a hand clamped over her eyes and a tight grip constricting her neck.
At this point, the significance of the lack of a handrail and the fact that I had to keep one hand clamped around acres of skirt for fear of tripping forwards and losing several teeth was entirely lost on me, because going up has never been my problem.