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A metal (usually steel) tool having a rectangular, triangular, round, or irregular section and either tapering or of uniform width and thickness, covered on one or more of its surfaces with teeth or oblique ridges; used for abrading, reducing, or smoothing metal, wood, or other materials.
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Many previous studies have reported that initial root canal preparation with hand files using the balanced-force technique did not induce dentin defect formation [3, 4, 24, 25].
In such a case, the instrumentation with the F2 would be carried to a level coronal to the curvature; the preparation of the apical part would then be completed with hand files.
44.) We recommend that you sharpen it with a hand file (Photo 4).
"Then I would see the tool room technicians hand file the template.
Hand File Group (n = 20): The canals were re-instrumented to the original WL with H-files (Dentsply Maillefer) up to size 40 in a circumferential, quarter-turn, push-pull filing motion to remove filling material until the WL was achieved.
The root canals were prepared following an endodontic hand file technique using a Flexofile K file.
In most cases the technique only requires one hand file followed by one single WaveOneTM file to completely shape the canal.
It would be impossible to etch checkering like this with a hand file because the area you'd want to checker is surrounded by stuff you just don't want to cut.