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Dave Hibbard is the points leader in Northwest Extreme Sprints, Braedon Hand leads IMCA Modifieds and Chris Pierce leads Hornets.
ICE HOCKEY: Edinburghborn Tony Hand leads Manchester Phoenix in search of a glory double this weekend.
Living in peace and harmony, on the other hand leads to all-round development of the region.
Michael Rego's keen directorial hand leads the actors through an amusing maze of glass and steel, balancing humor with heart.
He adds: '[Jeff] can throw right hand leads fast as jabs, he can turn southpaw quickly to throw opponents off.
Meanwhile, Gary Hand leads by a point going into today's third round of the Scottish Power Renewables Super Six Series in Renfrewshire.
With three outright wins, Durham City's Rob Hand leads the veterans category.
The left hand leads and pulls the club into the sand one to two inches behind the ball.
Seeing that closure is close at hand leads us to be confident about moving forward with our business.
Instead of relying solely on his left, Klitschko began to mix in right hand leads in the seventh round.
Outside space: The completion of the existing school system to the planned pavilion on the one hand reduces the available exterior surfaces and on the other hand leads to an increase in the number of pupils on the school grounds.