hand-held computer

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hand-held computer

[¦hand‚held kəm′pyüd·ər]
(computer science)
A small, battery-powered mobile computer for personal or business use. Also known as palmtop, personal digital assistant (PDA).
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handheld computer

A computing device that can be easily held in one hand while the other hand is used to operate it. Smartphones are the handheld computers of the 21st century. See smartphone and palmtop.
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"As more people rely on instant access to computing power, and as hand-held computers become more versatile, personal and cost effective, sales of hand-held will attain even higher growth rates," Lu believes.
Hand-held PC: A small hand-held computer with a keyboard that runs the Windows CE operating system.
Instead of fiddling with tiny buttons, people will control their phones, MP3 players and hand-held computers by using surround-sound headphones and body movement.
With Windows and the Intel XScale processor serving as a platform, the new unit is an entry-level hand-held computer that has the power to run advanced applications.
Last year, two-thirds of companies surveyed by Forrester Research said they planned to implement hand-held computer applications in 2003, double the number of 2001.
Rapid advances in technology will greatly improve the devices--such as hand-held computers and smart cards--that monitor and communicate resident care needs.
Sony Corporation announced that its hand-held computer using the Palm operating system will be available late this month (September) at a retail cost of $399, and will have capabilities that are not readily available on other hand-held devices.
Shoppers at Scotty's Home Market (www.scottyshomemarket.com), a consumer-direct grocery retailer based in Lake Zurich, Ill., can use a new wireless Palm III hand-held computer with a barcode scanner to develop their grocery list.
The Newton MP 120 has the widest variety of medical software available of any hand-held computer. Pocket Doc 1.1 ($450 single-user license, $250 for residents and students; Physix Corporation, Houston, Tex) is a complete medical record that includes pharmacy and International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision (ICD-9) code information.
Currently, the best unit consists of a receiver the shape of a car radio, a hand-held computer about the size of an electronic calculator, and a small antenna.
What's unusual about Z4CK, by 33-year-old Kevin Milne, is that it's both about, and written on, a Linux-based Sharp Zaurus hand-held computer. Kevin, from Livingston, wrote the book on his Zaurus while travelling by train to his job.
With a direct-connect phone line, a hand-held computer, and a modern, users gain immediate two-way remote transmission between multiple field sites and a host computer.

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