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(1) See Apple Handoff.

(2) To transfer from one function or system to another. For example, self-driving cars require a handoff from automatic to the human driver when a situation arises that it cannot figure out on its own.

(3) Switching a cellular phone call from one radio channel to another. Also called "handover," it mostly occurs when a mobile user travels into the range of an adjacent cell. However, when there is excessive interference on a radio channel, switching can occur within the same cell.

The handoff can be managed within the base station; the base station controller (BSC) that manages several base stations; or the mobile switching center (MSC) that sets up and tears down the calls. The switch typically takes place in about a quarter second so that the caller is unaware of it.
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An action taken to transfer the radar identification of one aircraft from one controller to the other if the aircraft will enter the receiving controller's airspace. At that point, the transfer of radio control will also take place. In military terminology, the term handing over or taking over is used.
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then the hand-off location [x.sup.k] is always on route L.
As described above, there are two major issues that should be take into consideration to design a complete hand-off scheme for MCs.
Therefore, if 01 first hand-offs to 02, 02 could become the " hot dribbler." If 01 dribbles first to the left side and hands off the ball to 03, 03 could then become the "hot dribbler" and the "attack" portion of the offense could then begin with the following hand-off
We are truly not developing a standardized hand-off process because JCAHO requires it.
The crankcase core then is presented to a screwdriver that inserts two screws to hold in the gate core, It then is placed on a hand-off stand to allow the robot to ready itself for the next crankcase.
As customers move from base stations on one SDU to another, they typically change SDUs by performing hard hand-off.
A major part of the information presently comes from Vodafone hand-off data, but Temmink believes the fraction will shift as GPS devices become more prevalent.
The dive called for the halfback to read the OT's block after the hand-off by the QB.
Get ball to TB on third step and "ole" hand-off with left hand.
The fullback now dives for the center's right foot at full speed and either receives the hand-off or sprints upfield to take the LB.
The backfield action begins like the sweep, except that the FB breaks back against the flow to take the hand-off from the QB.