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terminal part of the forelimb in primates. The human hand consists of the wrist, palm, four fingers, and thumb. In humans and other primates, the thumb is opposable, i.e., it can be moved into a position opposite to the other four digits. Opposable thumbs make possible precise movements such as grasping small objects. In vertebrates other than humans, the primary function of the hand is locomotion; the human hand, due to the evolutionary development of bipedalism, is freed for manipulative tasks. There are 27 bones in the human hand. The wrist, which joins the hand to the forearm, contains eight cubelike bones arranged in two rows of four bones each. The metacarpus, or palm, is composed of five long metacarpal bones. Fourteen phalangeal bones constitute the four fingers and thumb (three in each finger, two in the thumb). Ligaments interconnect the bones of the hand. The bones of the digits are anchored to muscles in the hand and to muscles in the arms and shoulders, through connections to tendons, permitting a wide range of movements. Among humans, the undersides of the fingers and palms have distinctive ridges, which improve grip and can be used as identification marks.



the terminal section of the upper extremity (arm) in man, capable of performing extremely delicate and differentiated movements.

The hand consists of the carpus, the metacarpus, and the digits. Of the eight bones of the carpus, which are arranged in two rows, three articulate with the bones of the forearm (the radiocarpal joint) and with those of the metacarpus, which make up the base of the hand. The basal phalanges of the fingers articulate with the metacarpal bones.

The fingers have great mobility. The first digit, or thumb, can be opposed to the remaining four digits. This is especially important for grasping and holding objects. Movement of the hand and fingers is made possible by muscles located both in the hand itself and in the forearm. The tendons of the hand muscles pass through the bone-fiber canals and are surrounded by sheaths that are longer in the first and fifth digits.

The muscles that move the hand and fingers are innervated by branches of the ulnar, radial, and median nerves. The hand receives its blood supply from the radial and ulnar arteries, which form deep and superficial arterial arches and plexuxes on the hand’s palmar surface. The deep and superficial venous networks pass into the antebrachial veins.


The terminal part of the upper extremity modified for grasping.
(control systems)
The quality or feel of a fabric.


1. The direction, left or right, of the swing of a door (when viewed from the side usually considered the outside) or associated doorframes or hardware. A left-hand door has hinges on the left and the door swings away; a left-hand reverse door swings toward the viewer. A right-hand door has hinges on the right and swings away. A right-hand reverse door swings toward the viewer.
2. Of a spiral stair, designates the direction of turn of the stair. Right-hand refers to a stair on which the user turns clockwise as he descends. Left-hand refers to a stair on which the user turns counter-clockwise ashe descends.


a. the prehensile part of the body at the end of the arm, consisting of a thumb, four fingers, and a palm
b. the bones of this part
2. the corresponding or similar part in animals
a. the cards dealt to one or all players in one round of a card game
b. a player holding such cards
c. one round of a card game
4. a member of a ship's crew
5. a unit of length measurement equalling four inches, used for measuring the height of horses, usually from the front hoof to the withers


Have A Nice Day. Often used sarcastically and in connection with HTH, as in:

> Where's the point of alt.stupidity?

Between the 't' and the 's'. HTH. HAND.


We express ourselves with our hands, and appropriate reading of body language is a valuable source of information. Likewise, in the dream state the hands may reveal information about emotions, intentions, and overt behaviors. For example, if in your dream you see clenched fists you may have much repressed anger. Sometimes extended hands suggest a need to develop close friendships. If the hands in your dreams are stroking you, you may be feeling sexy.
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