handicap accessibility

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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

A federal law, enacted in 1990, requiring that public accommodations be accessible to those having physical disabilities; this law mandates that existing physical barriers be replaced or modified so there are no impediments to access by the physically disabled. For detailed information, write the US Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, 1801 L Street, NW, Washington, DC 20507. See American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standard A117.1-1992. Also see Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards and physical disability.
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Confessions have been extended to nursing homes and assisted-living facilities with a mobile unit called Church-Haul--an old U-Haul trailer retrofitted for wheelchair and handicap accessibility.
The scope of the $16.4 million rehab project includes a restoration of masonry exteriors, repair and replacement of roofs, security cameras, and improved handicap accessibility. Apartments will undergo renovations and mechanical system upgrades.
The Elizabeth Branch completed an $8 million renovation project in 2013, providing handicap accessibility, complete building renovations and upgrades including multiple Health and Wellness Centers, new equipment, free member wifi and expanded and renovated residence facilities.
The lowest scores were given to cleanliness of public areas and public toilets and to handicap accessibility in tourist sites (3.4 points), as well as to taxi drivers and the nature of information in their language (3.3 points).
However, opponents say the building is structurally sound, and with a new heating system, asbestos removal ($25,000 is already approved for that purpose), and handicap accessibility improvements, the building can continue to function as useful space for the town, potentially as a senior center, community center, cultural center or public meeting place.
The mix of projects encompasses small and large houses; one-story and multi-story houses; and ideas for general accessibility and comfort as well as some targeted more directly at handicap accessibility. Chapters cover the spectrum of accessible home planning, from room arrangements to kitchens, baths, entries, and exterior areas.
A triple whammy of stricter federal safety regulations, handicap accessibility mandates, and injury lawsuits gradually removes swing sets from the nation's playgrounds.
Gillrup sees The Ice Cream Patch as "probably one of the first new businesses in the city to make use of recent changes in state and city laws regarding handicap accessibility. It makes me feel like an equally welcome customer coming into the store.
Chapelridge of Fort Smith also offers its tenants wall-to-wall carpeting, handicap accessibility, cable-ready rooms and exterior storage rooms.
3.The landscape architect should be familiar with local and state codes and handicap accessibility ordinances.