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According to other details, the port handled 484 containers ships, 125 bulk cargo vessels, 172 general cargo ships and 285 oil tankers during the first six months of the current fiscal.
Since then, the port has handled about one-third of all of the military cargo deployed to and from the war.
As with tape media, manufacturers also have specific recommendations on how optical media should be handled, transported, stored and used.
The Sudbury airport handled 240,000 passengers from scheduled flights last year.
The primary advantage of this type of weight control is that there is no weigh hopper or contacting surface to which any materials can stick after they are weighed, resulting in much better weighing accuracy of the material being handled.
Standard programming setup and operation handled via a programming and SPI interface.
The abrasiveness of the material being handled should also factor in to the decision.
Using the module as a "super disk," configurations for large block applications can be handled easily.