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(1) See Apple Handoff.

(2) To transfer from one function or system to another.

(3) Switching a cellular phone call from one radio channel to another. Also called "handover," it mostly occurs when a mobile user travels into the range of an adjacent cell. However, when there is excessive interference on a radio channel, switching can occur within the same cell.

The handoff can be managed within the base station; the base station controller (BSC) that manages several base stations; or the mobile switching center (MSC) that sets up and tears down the calls. The switch typically takes place in about a quarter second so that the caller is unaware of it.
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Add in the fact that logistical coordination tasks are not likely to be reimbursed--at least not right now--and it's understandable why behavioral providers are reluctant to operationalize accountability in the handoff process.
computerized handoff tools to share patient information between providers using an I-PASS structure
In the typical academic otolaryngology program, handoffs are also occurring between subspecialty otolaryngology services--the "cross-cover" handoff.
Health care is a complex environment where there is a high risk for human error Evidence related to how human factors impact quality and safety (3) can be found in all areas of healthcare Using checklists has been identified, first in aviation (4) and later transferred to healthcare, as the best practice methodology for consistently reducing human error and for the improvement of recall which leads to improvement in quality and safety outcomes Using a checklist during transitions of care can help nurses ensure all components of the handoff are complete at the time of care The goal is to improve transitions for every patient every time.
Again, for simplicity's sake, 01 runs the basic movement toward 02 and makes the handoff to him as 04 and 05 again make a high lane exchange cross screen (see Diag.
For these reasons, the Joint Commission continued standardization of handoff communications as one of the 2007 National Patient Safety Goals.
However, we needed additional tools to bring the information together in a format that supported our handoff process.
A reasonable expectation might have involved directing me to the specific location where help would be provided, making a call for assistance and getting a confirmation call back when the handoff was complete.
Modular connectivity is a scalable approach that can bring organized and efficient use of space to the wiring closet, enable rapid workarounds and new deployments, and enhance interconnect reliability on both sides of the handoff.
As IMS continues to penetrate the telecommunications industry, the seamless handoff and voice call continuity solution is critical for users moving between cellular and Wi-Fi coverage areas since it automatically switches an existing call from one network to the other when the wireless signal level drops in one domain.
The manual ledger system relied on numerous handoffs of spreadsheet data, and with each handoff the probability of human error increased.