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(1) See Apple Handoff.

(2) To transfer from one function or system to another. For example, self-driving cars require a handoff from automatic to the human driver when a situation arises that it cannot figure out on its own.

(3) Switching a cellular phone call from one radio channel to another. Also called "handover," it mostly occurs when a mobile user travels into the range of an adjacent cell. However, when there is excessive interference on a radio channel, switching can occur within the same cell.

The handoff can be managed within the base station; the base station controller (BSC) that manages several base stations; or the mobile switching center (MSC) that sets up and tears down the calls. The switch typically takes place in about a quarter second so that the caller is unaware of it.
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IT BEGAN WITH PHYSICIANS AND RESIDENTS voicing their concern to senior leadership at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, Florida, that poor, incomplete, rushed and documented communication among team members was contributing to patient handoffs with bad outcomes.
The basis of this work is to know the functioning mechanism of the mobility management schemes and to determine which protocol provide better handoff performance.
The company was created to help hospitals adopt safer handoff practices across disciplines and units as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Moreover, patients perceive bedside nursing handoff as a positive interaction: an opportunity to connect with nurses, gain understanding, and get involved in their plans of care (Jeffs et al., 2014).
Many metrics have been used to support handoff decisions, including received signal strength (RSS), signal to noise ratio (SIR), power budget, and distance between the mobile station and BTS, traffic load, and mobile velocity, among others.
(ii) first approach performing spectrum handoff in NEMO based CR vehicular networks,
An analytical model to study the system performance of integrated voice/data mobile network with finite buffer was proposed in [10,11] which gives a new call admission technique called "New Call Bounding Scheme" modeled by two-dimensional Markov chain with state space, S = {([n.sub.1], [n.sub.2])0 [less than or equal to] [n.sub.1] [less than or equal to] k, [n.sub.1] + [n.sub.2] [less than or equal to] C}, where [n.sub.1] denotes the number of new calls initiated in the cell, [n.sub.2] is the number of handoff calls in the cell, K is the threshold for the new calls, and C is the capacity of the cell.
The data that's being captured, says Corey Hanson, director of clinical applications, includes: how many patients were being referred to a behavioral health clinician; out of all those referrals, how many led to a warm handoff; what percentage of patients referred that got the warm handoff had a depression assessment performed initially; and how many of those with the depression assessment have had a follow-up assessment within a certain time period.
A handoff mechanism needs some measurements and information at appropriate time and position when the handoff decision may takes place [1].
A successful handoff is defined by the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare (2014) as "a transfer and acceptance of responsibility for patient care achieved through effective communication.
Mobility can be attained by handoff mechanisms in wireless networks.