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a rail alongside a stairway, etc., at a convenient height to be grasped to provide support
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A rail providing a handhold and serving as a support at the side of a stair or elevated platform.
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A narrow rail to be grasped by a person for support.
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rail, 3
ragwork, 1
1. A bar of wood or other material passing from one post or other support to another; a hand support along a stairway.
2. A structure consisting of rails and their sustaining posts, balusters, or pillars, and constituting an enclosure or a line of division, as a balcony rail.
3. A horizontal piece in a frame or paneling as a door rail, or in the framework of a window sash.
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Adapting homes and buildings is more than applying ramps and handrails; it's about having a person-centred and holistic approach so that someone with sight loss can regain that selfempowerment that was lost along with their sight.
CONSTRUCTION group Colmore Tang has bought out Black Country outfit Stainless Handrail Systems.
Mark Busby, a former director of Stainless Handrail Systems is assisting with the handover.
A girl had a narrow escape after her shirt was trapped in the handrail of an escalator at a mall, lifting her several meters off the ground.
The toothpaste was out of the tube by '95 and a new field of handrails maniacs led by Jamie Thomas, Chad Muska, Jim Greco, Geoff Rowley, Arto Saari and the incredible Heath Kirchart set the standards of what would become the fastest route to skateboarding stardom since the 540 McTwist.
* Are your handrails able to be used by diverse group of people, including the elderly, the infirm and children?
In regards to Table 3, only VC[O.sub.2] and TV were significantly different when jogging with and without the use of the handrails. All other variables demonstrated the same physiological pattern as was the case during walking on the treadmill with and without handrail support.
Milwaukee, WI, August 22, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Wagner Architectural Systems has announced the addition of a new component for their illuminated Lumenrail[R] lighted handrail product group -- the Klik System's LEDPOD.
"We believe our SureContact handrails may play a role in reducing surface contamination.
He said: "The wooden steps were put in some years ago, with a lot of volunteer assistance, but we always felt such a steep section needed some decent handrails."
Fit a handrail LARGE or small, whether inside or outdoors, stairs have the potential to be dangerous.