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A man who lost both legs during Saddam Hussein's rocket attacks on Kurdistan yesterday finished the Great North Run by doing handstands.
Don't ask me why we were doing them, I thought they only made women do handstands in old black-and-white clips with a stuffy announcer saying "Ladies!
"I like the symbolism behind the handstand," Al Abri revealed on his website, whose journey has been called 'Handstand Every City'.
Niteo Products is a portfolio company of Dallas private investment firm Highlander Partners, L.P., while HandStands is a portfolio company of Trivest Partners.
She told parents the ban was "not due to any personal objection on my part, but out of concern for the girls' possible embarrassment while changing for PE or playing out in the playground, falling over, or playing handstands and so on."
"Thongs may be a little revealing, particularly with girls in skirts and running around in the playground, falling over or playing handstands."
A member of the Jam since it began four years ago, and a dedicated gymnast on non-dancing days, 10-year-old Jereme Bigelow launches slow, elegant handstands onto a tiny chair.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 3, 2015-Trivest Affiliate HandStands Buys Air Freshener Maker California Scents
``When was the last time you passed a school and the kids were doing handstands against a wall?
TOPSY-TURVY: Dance teachers Dizzy D (left) and Lady T do handstands surrounded by pupils (front, from left) Ryan Collins, Louise Varney and Ashley Harding and (back, from left) Luke Brown, Liam Andrews and Laura McDyer.
Disgruntled youngsters say they are not even allowed to enjoy games such as tag, handstands or even making daisy chains.
"My father used to illustrate points by doing handstands on the counter in the lecture hall.