hanging valley

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hanging valley

Geography a tributary valley entering a main valley at a much higher level because of overdeepening of the main valley, esp by glacial erosion
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Hanging Valley


a valley whose floor ends with a drop to the floor of another, larger valley or to the shore of a sea or lake.

Hanging valleys are formed by the significant differences in the erosive forces of water currents of the main valley and the valley of a tributary, as a result of which the cutting of the tributary lags behind the deepening of the valley of the main river. On sea and lake shores hanging valleys arise because the water-current erosion is slower than the destruction of the shore by surf. The occurrence of a hanging valley can also be connected with sharp changes in the basis of erosion, tectonic movements, a rapid decrease in the level of a reservoir, and differences in the lithology of the washed rocks; in mountain regions, hanging valleys may be connected with the varying speed of valley deepening by glaciers.

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hanging valley

[′haŋ·iŋ ¦val·ē]
A valley whose floor is higher than the level of the shore or other valley to which it leads.
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Get up high and glass, focusing on the fingers at the head of big canyons, on cliff bases and hanging valleys, and on tiny pockets of lush feed in secluded areas.
I dearly wanted to be three yards farther, where I could slide the muzzle of my rifle past the thin grasses ahead, but I was sure the vaaleys would blow like smoke out of the hanging valley. They were just under the lip of the far ridge, sheltered from the wind, and only a few jumps would take them out of sight.
The TIC rifle crashed, sending a 139-grain Hornady GMX through the thin air of the African hanging valley. My ears registered the "thwuck" of a solid hit.
A prime spot to admire their icy handiwork is the 492-foot Bird Woman Falls, where water tumbles from a hanging valley to a larger U-shaped valley below At the Weeping Wall nearby, water drips onto the road from striated rock cliffs, created during the road's construction.
The Rubies are known as "Nevada's Yosemite" because of the hanging valleys, towering summits and year-round snowfields.
It is not just one mountain, it is a whole complex of mountain ranges that intertwine, block off and seclude one another to create a maze-like series of canyons, truncated ridges, cul-de-sacs, and hanging valleys. Cloud shrouded peaks tower over sheer-walled ravines, where hidden waterfalls drop from such heights that wind can turn falling water into mist before it reaches a resting place.
Cwm Llan is one of the most stunning hanging valleys in Snowdonia, with waterfalls, great views and cliffs a thousand metres high.
Marvel at plunging waterfalls, hanging valleys and secluded beaches.
It's one of a series of hanging valleys that cut into the western face of the Carneddau.
The impetuous Tuolumne slowed briefly here on its way to the San Joaquin, and waterfalls came tumbling down from hanging valleys on the north side.
The deep cwmoedd (glaciated valleys) range from the easily accessible to hanging valleys reachable only by complicated scrambling.