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In classical Greece pieces of fine perfumed cotton, known as mouth or perspiration cloths, were often used by the wealthy. From the 1st cent. B.C., Roman men of rank used an oblong cloth of linen (the sudarium) chiefly to wipe perspiration from the face and hands. During the empire a square handkerchief of cotton or silk was carried, especially by women. The handkerchief was dropped by the praetors as a starting signal in the Roman games and was waved by spectators as a sign of approval. In the Middle Ages it was a prized possession and was conspicuously displayed by the wealthy. It was worn by knights in tournament as the symbol of a lady's favor. It came into general use in the Renaissance and was called a napkyn. Silk, cambric, and lawn, lavishly embroidered or laced, became fashionable for both men and women. Shapes were also varied. Today the handkerchief is more practical than decorative. Disposable paper handkerchiefs are used for all but very formal occasions. The handkerchief carried in the left hand of the officiating priest in the early Christian church evolved into a folded band that by the 12th cent. had become the maniple, worn on the left arm.
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in pink, rose, beige and black, the GEO group includes many of Hanky Panky's most popular styles (soft bra, boyshort, camisole and thongs) with L.
Hanky Panky was founded by two friends; Gale Epstein, President & Creative Director and Lida Orzeck, Chief Executive Officer who very early understood the importance of keeping things "local", even before it was chic to do so.
He runs to the loo with a hanky but on the way everyone just gets showered.
Drawn low, Hanky Panky sets a decent standard and is preferred to David Wachman's Bronte and Daymooma, representing Kevin Prendergast, who might win the later UL Racing Society Median Auction Maiden with the Verglas gelding Silver Lightening.
It looked like The Vice (sorry, Voice) Of An Angel had been enjoying a little hanky panky with boyfriend Jonathan Powell when she was filmed ducking behind a lorry with him during a party.
Beth Kalish, president of Hanky Kids and the creator and self-publisher of three books, has published her newest book, "All My Best Friends.
Millionaire Bill was preparing to give our impertinent snapper a right dressing down in windy Weatherfield when his crumpled hanky flew from his jacket pocket and smack into his face.
Mercer offers an extensive selection of collections, jeans, t-shirts, sexy tops, pants, dresses, lingerie, jackets, accessories, and lifestyle home products from contemporary brands such as Juicy Couture, Citizen's for Humanity, Seven for all Mankind, True Religion, Habitual, Rock and Republic, Hudson, Earnest Sewn, Ella Moss, James Perse, C & C California, Michael Stars, Splendid, Lacoste, Isabella Fiore, Kooba, Julie Lindsay, Autumn Cashmere, Hanky Panky, Cosabella, Underglam, Tocca, and Anthousa.
HANKY tops are the perfect solution if you want dressed down chic, working as they do with leggings or jeans.
1 Push the centre of the hanky into the glass so the edges hang over the outside of the glass' rim.
After four years of mutually enjoyable hanky panky, advertising exec Julie (Robin Riker) has decided that Tony should marry her.