hard boot

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hard boot

(operating system)
A boot which resets the entire system.

The phrase has connations of hostility toward, or frustration with, the computer being booted. For example, "I'll have to hard boot this losing Sun", or "I recommend booting it hard".

Hard boots are often performed with a power cycle.

Contrast soft boot. See also cold boot and reboot
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People may begin weeding in their slippers and, of course, a fork will do a lot more damage through a slipper than a hard boot.
The "Hacker's Challenge" contest dared visitors to Calluna Technology's booth to 'hack' a computer so that Windows(R) would be unable to restart with a hard boot.
The 50-year-old Bolton resident carves his turns rather than slides them, sports hard boots instead of soft, snaps into rigid plate instead of strap bindings and races instead of freestyles.
They are quite hard boots to fill," Cook added.