hard disk configuration

hard disk configuration

Following are the parameters stored in a PC's BIOS setup memory that describe the configuration of the hard disks in the system. SCSI hard disks are usually not identified in the setup memory.

Hard Disk Types
There are 46 hard disk types, numbered 1 to 46, that include all the required parameters below. Since they cover earlier drives that only go up to 152MB, the user-configurable Type 47 is usually chosen and the remaining parameters are entered manually or are automatically detected (all new drives are detected).

 CYLINDERS  Number of cylinders.

 HEADS      Number of read/write heads.

 WPCOM      Write precompensation track.

  ZONE      Cylinder for parking heads.

 SECTORS    Sectors per track.

 CAPACITY   Total capacity derived from
             above parameters (heads X
             cylinders X sectors X 512)
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By default Fedora creates separate /boot, root and /home ext4 partitions and uses LVM (Logical Volume Management) which will make for a more extensible hard disk configuration.
These "logical disks" must also be altered to match the new hard disk configuration before the data can be restored.
The Equity LT-286e, which weighs 13 pounds without the battery unit, is available for the manufacturer's suggested retail price of $4,599 for the 20 MB hard disk configuration and $4,999 for the 40 MB hard disk version.
This flexibility insures compatibility with AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA blade and carrier products, and offers customers a wide range of hard disk configuration options making the Telum 200-SATA an ideal AdvancedMC storage solution for communications, commercial, and military applications.
With GoBack, you can view the hard drive at a time after the virus struck, find your important document, and save it to the current hard disk configuration.
Other members of this CPCI single slot 6U family include models offering high capacity non-RAID hard disk configurations, and flash based fixed and removable media for high durability and reliability applications.