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Our expectation is that, in general, the benefits of a hard freeze would be more pronounced for firms facing financial constraints.
The number of hard freeze days following these warm periods were generally one or two, generally too short to create significant damage to all varieties.
The most common approach to freezing a DB plan is the soft freeze, for several reasons: a soft freeze does not impair the "promise" or "deal" that the employer has with existing employees; and a soft freeze is equal to a hard freeze when it comes to addressing, at least in the short term, what is often the plan sponsor's current financial pain point--the underfunding of benefits that have already been accrued.
Heavy snow on Tyneside followed by a hard freeze could not stop Newcastle's game going ahead and fellow North-east side Middlesbrough's home game with Coventry also escaped a postponement.
The seeds and young seedlings can take very light frosts, but might die after a hard freeze.
Despite more than $20 billion in increased gas tax revenues projected to come into the highway trust fund, the budget proposes a hard freeze - or nearly a 16 percent cut in investment after taking inflation into account.
Apple trees and soft fruit bushes need cutting back right up until early spring, although it is best not to do this during a hard freeze as there might be some splitting of fresh cuts.
A good fall soaking just before the first hard freeze helps the plants store moisture for the long, dry winter to come.
Last year's budget law put a ceiling on discretionary spending--a hard freeze for five years.
The Congress has voted a hard freeze on discretionary spending, which means that there is not going to be any more money in 1995 in the aggregate than in 1994, not even allowances for inflation.
Keep windows and doors shut and recirculate indoor air with air conditioning from the beginning of the allergy season in the spring until the first hard freeze in the fall.