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sugar maple:

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common name for the genus Acer of the Aceraceae, a family of deciduous trees and shrubs of the Northern Hemisphere, found mainly in temperate regions and on tropical mountain slopes. Acer, the principal genus, includes the many maples and the box elder.
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Sugar Maple


(Acer saccharum), a tree of the family Acera-ceae that reaches a height of 40 m. The leaves are three- to five-lobed. The sap, which is obtained by tapping, is a source of sugar. The silver maple (A. saccharinum) is also a source of sugar. Both species are native to North America and are cultivated as ornamentals.

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sugar maple

[′shu̇g·ər ′mā·pəl]
Acer saccharum. A commercially important species of maple tree recognized by its gray furrowed bark, sharp-pointed scaly winter buds, and symmetrical oval outline of the crown.
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sugar maple

a North American maple tree, Acer saccharum, that is grown as a source of sugar, which is extracted from the sap, and for its hard wood
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These differences were significant ([alpha] = 0.05) for all but the black gum samples treated with creosote; all of the creosote polymer treatments; and the soft maple, hard maple, and ponderosa pine samples treated with copper naphthenate.
Last spring, Hard Maple Realty's removal of the shaimos was delayed for months, and the company blamed the slow pace on the state Department of Environmental Protection, which oversaw the cleanup.
While only a section of the entire structure was showcased, visitors appreciated the beauty of Adam Khan's design, which incorporated American tulipwood and hard maple, and aimed to present a new vision of how and where one should spend their working lives.
It's entirely cherry except for hard maple drawer runners.
Northern hard maple cutting boards have been in commercial use for over 125 years because they offer the perfect balance between hardness and softness, are the most hygienic of all cutting boards, and they have a very long life span when cared for properly.
Hard maple (maple syrup comes from hard maple trees) is probably the best wood for a cutting board.
Along the fence line are red and white oaks, soft maple, and an occasional hard maple. A large area lies wet in late winter and spring.
I had a lot of hard maple cut down and piled up in 8- and 10-foot lengths.
An 8-foot long work surface constructed of solid hard maple tops off the system.
The columns are made from popular designer woods including red oak, hard maple, pine, cherry, redwood, mahogany and black walnut.
Instead, the whiskey is trickled very slowly through 10 feet of hard maple charcoal, a process that produces the special character of Tennessee Whiskey.