hard pine

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yellow pine

A hard resinous wood of the longleaf pine tree, having dark bands of summer-wood alternating with lighter-colored springwood; used as flooring and in general construction.
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The attractive interior is reminiscent of fine Chicago steakhouses: dark wood, generous and well-isolated seating, Arts and Crafts accents, etched glass, mahogany, oil paintings and stamped tin ceilings above hard pine plank floors.
A cone with thick, rigid scales, perhaps armed with prickly barbs, probably dropped from a hard pine such as a jack, red, lodgepole, longleaf, shortleaf or loblolly.
Besides cone scales, most hard pines (subgenus Pinus) have spines located on the abaxial or exposed surface of each cone scale (McCune 1988).
Hard pines in general have heavier, harder wood than soft pines.