hard pine

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yellow pine

A hard resinous wood of the longleaf pine tree, having dark bands of summer-wood alternating with lighter-colored springwood; used as flooring and in general construction.
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Pine trees are commonly divided into two main groups: white pines, which are also known as the soft pines, and yellow pines, a.k.a, the hard pines. Despite being designated as either hard or soft pines, all pines are actually softwoods.
The attractive interior is reminiscent of fine Chicago steakhouses: dark wood, generous and well-isolated seating, Arts and Crafts accents, etched glass, mahogany, oil paintings and stamped tin ceilings above hard pine plank floors.
A cone with thick, rigid scales, perhaps armed with prickly barbs, probably dropped from a hard pine such as a jack, red, lodgepole, longleaf, shortleaf or loblolly.
Subgenus Pinus, known commonly as the "typical" or "hard pines", is characteristized by having the umbo dorsal and cone scales with a sealing band adjacent to the apophysis where the scales meet on the closed cone.