hard plaster

hard plaster, gauging plaster, molding plaster

A quick-setting plaster to which retarder has been added to control set; used in the finish coat.
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He said the hard plaster was removed and the accused was reassuring throughout the process.
3 Using the irreversible hydrocolloid impression material impression of the defect was taken and poured in hard plaster.
I like my 15-gauge nailer best for these jobs; the nails are stout enough to push through the hard plaster and long enough to bite into the framing behind it.
In the lab, Davidson opens the hard plaster covering with a doctor's cast cutter.
If a section has fallen down, it can be placed together in order to be reproduced as the hard plaster of Paris used is unlikely to shatter.
Jones has told the T&T FA he must wear a hard plaster cast for a fortnight before transferring to a soft cast at the end of May, at which point he could resume training.
A hard plaster or render, however, will resist this ease of drying, giving rise to possible condensation on the inside.
In fact, the hard plaster mix had been on the market for more than a decade, competing with other aggregates.
For his work he uses porcelain "Crystacal R", an extremely hard plaster, blast-etched glass and various non-ferrous metals.
Another lost art, scagliola ("scales or chips of marble"), involves painting hard plaster to resemble marble.