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see clamclam,
common name for certain bivalve mollusks, especially for marine species that live buried in mud or sand and have valves (the two pieces of the shell) of equal size.
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The development of molecularly tagged empty hard-shell capsules will allow ACG's customers to enhance every distribution channel's integrity, and will also provide pharmaceutical companies with increased and assured capabilities when investigating suspected counterfeit medicines and help enhance patient and regulator confidence in pharmaceutical companies and their supply chains.
Hard-shell gourds can be grown anywhere that pumpkins can and have about the same requirements--a sunny spot, a long growing season, and plenty of food and water.
The hard-shell taco accounts for 25 percent of the chain's sales, Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed told the AP.
The percentage of meat can go up to as much as 25 percent in a hard-shell jumbo with fully packed claws.
The hard-shell travel case is sold separately for $380; a soft-sided carrying case is also available.
The H2 rifle, handgun and shotgun cases combine hard-shell durability and protection with soft-sided convenience.
A line of Mini-HMC[TM] heavy-duty connectors from Molex[R] is said to be the first rectangular I/O connector system to offer a similar form and function as traditional heavy duty hard-shell connectors, but in a much smaller size.
The hand-held device, which plugs into a car dashboard power socket, comes in a hard-shell carrying case and also runs on a nine-volt battery, which is good for more than 300 tests.
Heck, we can't even open a hard-shell crab without an instruction manual.
Some molds create brightly colored patterns on hard-shell gourds, enhancing their appearance.
The company will support its promotionally priced hard-shell upright at $79.
Pottery of the plant world, hard-shell gourds grow in a fascinating array of shapes and sizes.