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A paper printout of data displayed on a screen.

Contrast softcopy.
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hard copy

Printed output. Contrast with soft copy.
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Based on the IDC Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker report, its market share of inkjet printers in the country was at 55 percent in 2017, making it a leader in this segment.
These hardcopy print-outs are issued on the spot for a fee of RM5 per copy.
The Protection Profile for Hardcopy Devices v1.0 (HCD-PP v1.0) intends to protect the information processed by an MFP from security threats and includes stringent new requirements for cryptography, authentication and secure protocols.
These include storage options for both hardcopy and electronic records; scanning solutions for digitising paper files; and secure destruction of information.
b) It is hard to examine the hardcopy working logs for supervisors and/or officers;
The Middle East market overcame a conspicuous downturn in Turkey to post the strong year-on-year growth in the second quarter, the research and advisory firm's latest Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker said.
The Epson L-series, the first and only genuine ink tank system printer in the world, became the gold standard for the Inkjet hardcopy peripherals (printer) category after Epson launched the innovative printing solution in 2011.
said research director Ilona Stankeova, Imaging & Hardcopy Devices Research
The 36-page print pamphlet is available in hardcopy or as a PDF download.
"Overall market of hardcopy peripherals [printers, copiers, MFPs] in the Middle East and Africa region declined by nearly two per cent in 2011 compared to.
Livermore, CA, February 05, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Access Information Management, leading provider of records management storage and destruction services for hardcopy and electronic records, announced the acquisition of the assets of Washington Archives Management.