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To keep silent before the curtain went up was no hardship for him.
You have not made my life pleasant to me of late"--"the hardships which our marriage has brought on me"--these words were stinging his imagination as a pain makes an exaggerated dream.
We arrived that evening, after many hardships and adventures, in some fields close to the great ice-arch where the mad Visp boils and surges out from under the foot of the great Gorner Glacier, and here we camped, our perils over and our magnificent undertaking successfully completed.
I know of such cases; and it is worthy of remark that such slaves invariably suffer greater hardships, and have more to contend with, than others.
So far the council has awarded a total of PS400,000 in rate relief to around 600 firms which have experienced hardship caused by the business rates changes.
Levies placed on military retiree payments are creating hardship for our veterans.
He said that no meeting had yet been convened to consider hardship cases, adding that it would be held as soon as modalities to deal with hardship cases were finalized.
Currently, as many as 40 applications for allotment of government accommodations on hardship basis are pending with the Estate Office,' an official in the Ministry told reporter.
The fund will cover the deficiency in last year's Special Hardship Allowance (SHA) given to teachers in 14,896 schools and 2,395 school districts and community learning centers in all the regions, the secretary said.
Hardship payments are made immediately to those facing benefit sanctions and meet certain criteria such as having children or a long-term health condition, but other jobseekers cannot claim payments for 14 days.
How to test When testing benefit payments, auditors identify any hardship distributions and select them in the benefit payment sample.
If the practitioner is unable to convince the IRS employee that the fifing of a federal tax lien would cause a financial hardship, an alternative would be to file a Form 9423, Collection Appeal Request, or a Form 12153, Request for a Collection Due Process or Equivalent Hearing, if applicable.