hardware abstraction layer

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Hardware Abstraction Layer

(operating system)
(HAL) The layer of Microsoft Windows NT where they have isolated their assembly language code.
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hardware abstraction layer

An interface between hardware and software. A hardware abstraction layer (HAL) is generally used as a common driver for peripheral devices. The application calls the operating system; the OS calls the HAL, and the HAL instructions activate the specific hardware.

A HAL is used in many operating systems. For example, it was built into Windows, starting with Windows NT. It is also used in DOS, Mac, Android, Linux and various Unix versions. See abstraction layer, driver, DirectX and HAL.
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Developed first as a software deployment technology, Brew in effect provides a middleware or hardware abstraction layer that lets authors create applications and run them on a variety of handsets.
Software development is facilitated by an ecosystem of APIs based on the STM32Cube hardware abstraction layer and middleware components, including the STM32 Open Development Environment.