hardware appliance

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hardware appliance

A device that is dedicated to a specific function in contrast to a general-purpose computer. The hardware comes pre-installed with its operating system and application. Many consider the router to be the first network appliance.

A "software appliance" is the software alone, which must be installed in the computer. Following is a list of common hardware appliances. See virtual appliance.

    caching appliance
    digital appliance
    email appliance
    firewall appliance
    Internet appliance
    Internet server appliance
    network appliance
    server appliance
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In this way, if the local hardware appliance fails or is destroyed in a fire, flood, earthquake or other natural disaster, then the entire network can be accessed directly from the cloud.
The Mobile IAM hardware appliance costs $23,995, and 3,000 device scalabilty add-ons are $19,995.
The server is available as a software subscription or pre-configured hardware appliance.
'Our hardware appliance is the simplest and least expensive way to solve data integration, enabling customers to install and integrate within hours of delivery resulting in payback in as little as four months.
CollectiPede is available as a hardware appliance, virtual machine, or installable software.
VMI-in-a-Box simplifies the deployment of SierraVMI Virtual Mobile Infrastructure by providing an integrated and tested hardware appliance or a virtual appliance for KVM, Xen, and VMware ESX hypervisors.
The multi-service hardware appliance supports Pulse Connect Secure (VPN) and Pulse Policy Secure (NAC), and is ideal for both larger enterprises looking to scale and smaller entities with only one box to manage.
Array AG Series SSL VPNs scale from 25 to 128,000 concurrent users and support up to 256 virtual SSL VPN portals per hardware appliance. In addition, Array's SSL VPN provides an unmatched combination of end-point security, flexible AAA, access methods, SSL encryption, server-side security, portal theme customization, PC and mobile platform support and integrated mobile application and device management for iOS and Android.
Virtualised, System Director can be deployed more simply and more flexibly than as a hardware appliance. Enterprise WLANs can have a mix of virtual and physical Meru controllers.
A Simple, Integrated VDI hardware appliance - Dell and Citrix have teamed together to create an integrated hardware VDI appliance that comes pre-certified to support defined numbers of desktops.
The company said that its LoadMaster DR hardware appliance and Virtual LoadMaster DR virtual appliance can be used in disaster recovery scenarios to divert web and application traffic from one datacenter to another.
But installing a traditional hardware appliance isn't an option in most public cloud environments.

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