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The test should consist of two parts: a hardware check and a processing check.
And IBM also announced new ThinkPad software that automatically performs a complete system hardware check and installs the latest drivers, BIOS, and options required for peak performance.
A new central interface brings all product features together in a cohesive menu format, including the hardware check and repair, application check and repair, data file scanning, virus detection and disaster recovery tools.
We were involved in every stage of development from hardware check out and system integration tests to initial beta shipments.
Nuts & Bolts 98 contains automated tools for: disk recovery and repair, file cleanup, system diagnostics, registry repair, ZIP, encryption and security, crash protection and recovery, data backup and recovery, a hardware check and fix for Y2K compatibility.
Both version and hardware checks can be activated, to give complete compatibility of the data with the controls.
In addition, enhanced hardware checks have been added which can uncover and fix potential conflicts, which may inhibit peak PC performance.

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