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the composition of harmonic accompaniment to a Metody; also the harmonic accompaniment itself.

One and the same Metody can be harmonized in different ways (harmonic variation). In the most natural harmonization, the main elements (the general style, the harmonic functions, the modulations, and so on) are determined by the Metody itself. Harmonization exercises are the fundamental method of training in harmony. Metody harmonization often has an artistic objective as well, particularly in the harmonization of folk songs. Russian classical composers regarded the harmonization of the Russian folk song as one of the methods for formulating a national style of harmony. Modern composers also draw on folk songs for harmonization.


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i. The process of bore-sighting or aligning all guns so that they will fire according to a desired bullet pattern at a given range. In the harmonization process, the gun sight is also harmonized. A harmonization board is used for the entire process. Harmonization also can be checked out by actual firing on a firing butt.
ii. An adjustment of the separate flying controls so that they suit the pilot as a whole. The term is applicable to manual controls only.
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