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in Greek mythology, winged women with sharp claws who snatched food, objects, or people.



harpy eagle:

see eagleeagle,
common name for large predatory birds of the family Accipitridae (hawk family), found in all parts of the world. Eagles are similar to the buteos, or buzzard hawks, but are larger both in length and in wingspread (up to 7 1-2 ft/228 cm) and have beaks nearly as long as
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foul-smelling creature; half-vulture, half-woman. [Gk. Myth.: Mercatante, 212–213]
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Historic and present distribution of the Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja) in Panama.
According to an IAI source, Harpy has been produced in two distinct variants, the latest of which appeared a decade ago.
Replying to another question Antony assured members that the weapon systems such as Harpy missile purchased from Israel, anti sea-eagle missile, anti-radiation missiles and some types of cluster bombs are in a high state of serviceability and all efforts are made to maintain these systems.
The Osa also is home to the magnificent harpy eagle and the endemic yellow-billed cotinga.
Their most thrilling sighting was a harpy eagle in Brazil.
This apparently also includes $180 million to buy the Israeli unmanned aircraft "Harpy", which was used to attack Palestinians in Gaza during the recent fighting.
She's been called a harpy from hell, and in the film, too, she's very sexually aggressive, and he's very, very passive.
Ruth Miller and Alan Davies have broken the world record for bird species spotted in a year, including the harpy eagle (inset)...
Former London museum employee and freelance lecturer Debbie Challis presents From the Harpy Tomb to the Wonders of Ephesus: British Archaeologists in the Ottoman Empire 1840-1880, an extensive study of British-backed mid-1800's archaeological expeditions.
At that point, the only things in the Guyanese jungle wider than the wingspan of the enormous Harpy Eagle were the amazed smiles of the two Scots there to witness it.
An 1840 coloured engraving shows the Revenue cutter Harpy chasing a smuggler's ship.
The Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja Linnaeus) is the biggest raptor that inhabits the Amazonian rainforest, however, in Peru, little is known about the biology of the species.