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in ancient Rome, priest-diviners who based their predictions on the inspection of the entrails of sacrificial animals and also interpreted natural phenomena (thunder, lightning, and so forth). The Romans borrowed the custom of haruspicy from the Etruscans.

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ancient Etruscan seers who divined the future from the entrails of animals. [Rom. Hist.: EB, IV: 933]
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Haruspex: We have, but so far the AMA has turned a deaf ear.
IN ANCIENT Rome, one of the muckier jobs was that of Haruspex, a man who predicted the future from studying the entrails of freshly eviscerated animals.
Moreover Umbricius' interests, unlike the public divinatory responsibilities of his namesake the haruspex, relate primarily to his private fortunes (financial and otherwise); and his interest in the Urbs is determined more by its impact on his own well-being than by public-minded concern for its collective fortunes.(60)
When you kissed me, my heart was in my mouth, you tore it out to read it, haruspex you" (66).
The explicators of his text guessed that he had come upon something important, but for the most part they interpreted him as a dealer in trendy communications theory who beguiled his audiences with a persona that joined, in Tom Wolfe's phrase, "the charisma of a haruspex with the irresistible certitude of the monomaniac."
(32) Barnett, "No Haruspex Needed to Demystify the Fiduciary," 24th Annual U.