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In order to place these arachnids in a wider ecological context and to assess their potential for reducing pest populations it is crucial to accumulate additional quantitative information on harvestman foraging in a variety of natural and crop communities.
When troglomorphism dupes taxonomists: morphology and molecules reveal the first pyramidopid harvestman (Arachnida, Opiliones, Pyramidopidae) from the New World.
The primitive fossilised harvestman, named Hastocularis argus, was found in eastern France and had not only median eyes -- those found near the centre of the body -- but lateral eyes on the side of the body as well.
Donaldson ZR and Grether GF (2007) Tradition without social learning: scent-mark-based communal roost formation in a Neotropical harvestman (Prionostemma sp.).
When a harvestman loses one whilst being attacked by a predator, the detached leg continues to move and jerk about, thus acting as a decoy as the harvestman limps away.
"These Bushhcrickets join a long list of other insects that are thriving in the borough including the Essex Skipper, the Lesser Marsh Grasshopper, the Fat-Wasp Hoverfly and the Long-Palpped Harvestman - so people should keep their eyes open."
The Robber Baron Cave harvestman (Texella cokendolpheri) is an eyeless form of "daddy-longlegs." The remaining five species--the Robber Baron Cave spider (Cicurina baronia), Madla's cave spider (Cicurina madla), Cicurina venii, vesper cave spider (Cicurina vespera), and Government Canyon cave spider (Neoleptoneta microps)--are eyeless, or essentially eyeless, spiders.
Koch (1839a) examined a male among the NHMW harvestman material previously studied by Kollar, and described the then new species G.
What creature has the varieties harvestman, jockey and wolf?
2016), ontogenetic variation in the distribution and composition of the TAPs has recently been reported for the gonyleptid harvestman Heteromitobates albiscriptus (Mello-Leitao, 1932) (Ramin et al.