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The country code for Dominican Republic.



a mountain near the city of Thanh Hoa (Democratic Republic of Vietnam), on whose slopes the archaeologists Nguyen Dong Chi, Hoang Hung, and Le Van Lan discovered in 1960 the first ancient paleolithic site in Vietnam. In the course of investigations conducted from 1960 to 1968, more than 1,500 archaic Clactonian flakes were collected, as well as ten crude chopping tools (“choppers”), about 40 core tools, and several typical Chellean hand axes. The tools were made from local basalt. The Do materials closely resemble the materials found at Chellean sites in India, the Caucasus, Western Europe, and other regions.


Boriskovskii, P. I. Pervobytnoe proshloe V’etnama. Moscow-Leningrad, 1966.


On drawings, abbr. for “ditto.”
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It seems that what is happening in City Hall, Albany or especially Washington has nothing to do with our everyday life.
One diet book I found contained a huge bibliography, but upon inspection it became obvious that this was the old high-school trick of slapping a thick bibliography onto a text to make it look heavily researched when actually the bibliography has nothing to do with what's written.
To a parent of teenagers, and believe me, this has nothing to do with MS -- I have one statement: Pick your battles carefully