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Bob uses random value q and the hash value of i-th key to prove Alice that her template is in the database.
will return a different hash value, just as a slight modification to an
The receiver computes the hash value of the plaintext and compares with the first element of the first sequence.
Moreover, the hash value "1" in row direction marks all stations that the corresponding line runs through, and in column direction marks all lines that run through the corresponding station.
Sender creates message and calculates a hash value (a numerical algorithm corresponding to the message content).
Hash value is generated as binary sequence and similarity between two hash values are measured.
com) can be verified by a code published in the Financial Times that contains a hash value, date and time record.
Next, the BS computes the hash value of each packet and appends it at the end of the corresponding packet.
Seek & Collect works by making logical copies of specified files and their directories without altering dates or metadata to avoid data spoliation, while creating a unique hash value for each collected file (using MD5 hashing algorithms).
On the other hand, hash value of 128 bytes needs to be broadcasted to notify other vehicles whether a message from a certain vehicle is valid.
In this technique, we are using one way hash function H for hash value calculation.