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(hăsh`ēsh, –ĭsh), resin extracted from the flower clusters and top leaves of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa, and C. indica. Hashish, called charas in India, is the most potent grade of cannabis and is obtained from cultivated plants grown in hot, moist climates. Marijuanamarijuana
or marihuana,
drug obtained from the flowering tops, stems, and leaves of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa (see hemp) or C. indica; the latter species can withstand colder climates.
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, a cheaper and less potent substance, is usually obtained from the cut tops of plants grown in cooler climates. Like marijuana, hashish is usually smoked, but in a pipe or water pipe; in N Africa it is also eaten. Hash oil is an extract of hashish that can be smoked or added to the tobacco in a cigarette. Hashish is an intoxicant, producing euphoria and exaggerations of sensations. It is an illegal substance in the United States with no accepted medical use. Like marijuana, its active ingredient is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


See publications of the Drugs & Crime Data Center and Clearinghouse, the Bureau of Justice Statistics Clearinghouse, and the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information.

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a drug derived from the resin of the female racemes of Indian hemp (Cannabis indica); belongs to a group of hallucinogens. When introduced into an organism hashish causes disruptions in the functions of the central nervous system that are accompanied by hallucinations and other changes of mental activity. The use of hashish and the cultivation of Indian hemp are prohibited in the USSR.

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A narcotic drug derived from the plant Cannabis sativa; can be smoked, chewed, or drunk.
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, hasheesh
1. a purified resinous extract of the dried flower tops of the female hemp plant, used as a hallucinogenic
2. any hallucinogenic substance prepared from this resin
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Baron Hotels and Resorts is an independent hotel chain in Egypt operating since 1980, and currently owns/manages four hotels and resorts in Egypt including Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh and Sahl Hasheesh.
In April, the Tourism Development Authority retracted approval for the sale of its 42-million-square metre Sahl Hasheesh plot, 18 km (11 miles) south of Hurghada and ERC's main project.
Hasheesh for his part said that the project aims at reinforcing human resources' skills and potentials, the real fortune for any society.
While our primary focus in the first half has been on operational progress at Sahl Hasheesh to deliver long-term profitability on recurring revenue streams including the development of the Old Town, the Phase III master plan and the Marina, the period just ended has also been characterized by an unwavering focus on the development of a sales pipeline to deliver not just full-year profitability but long-term results.
Mosaic Holidays is highlighting stays at the five-star Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh with extensive facilities and excellent dining options.
So the claim that James suddenly, late in life, decided to experiment with opium, with some direct purpose, when he had sampled not only opium, but alcohol, nitrous oxide, ether, hasheesh and chloroform before he published Principles of Psychology in 1890, is rather lame.
But it was The Hasheesh Eater (1857), the best-seller of the twenty-one year old Fitz Hugh Ludlow, that most obviously and successfully bore the stamp of De Quincey's famous autobiography.
The morning reveals the true beauty of the Sahl Hasheesh. Every suite has a clear panoramic view of the Red Sea and visitors can just step out of their rooms onto the sandy beach.
Taylor's work was soon eclipsed by that of Fitz Hugh Ludlow, who created a sensation with what has been aptly described as the first psychedelic book, The Hasheesh Eater (1857).(9) Ludlow had become infatuated with the drug as a student at Union College in New York after trying a sample of Tilden's medicinal extract obtained from a pharmacist.
One is also slightly surprised by the two-part prose poem entitled `Hasheesh', beginning, `Did you ever taste hasheesh? -- the magic drug that translates us to Paradise.
No substance in the world was more harmful, concluded the Journal, except perhaps for the "terrible hasheesh [sic] of India."(23)