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Only Hein & Martens (2002) presented border values of the total head length for sexing common gulls, but they did not assess the effectiveness of this method using birds sexed molecularly.
The distinguishing characters included counts of gill rakers, pectoral fin length, body length, and head length.
Quantitative morphometric characteristics included body length, chest girth, chest depth, height at withers, pelvic width, ear length, ear width,horn length, tail length, head length, headwidth,teat length, and scrotal circumference.
In this regard, it is common to use measurements such as body length, body depth, head length, eye diameter, jaw length of fishes to not only assess fish habitat peculiarities and ecological criteria in water bodies, but also to measure discreteness and relationships among various taxonomic categories [8].
01 cm using a digital caliper), and head length (to nearest 0.
All of the other scombrid genera known to occur off California have snout lengths about 21-37% of head length (Table 1).
There is some variance from cooper to cooper on the size of the barrels, but for this section's analysis we are using barrels that are 38 inches by 58 inches, head length by bilge width, when placed on a two-barrel rack.
Designed with a shorter 6-inch battery compartment, the option reduces the overall turning radius of the truck, providing improved maneuverability in confined spaces and delivering up to a 10% improved head length.
Stand in the approximate position you would strike a ball towards the hole from the Starting Point and line up each of your three balls within one club length of, but not nearer the hole than the Starting Point, approximately club head length apart if putting, or approximately one foot (30 centimeters) apart otherwise, and in the following order: The "1-4" ball is closest to you, the "2-5" ball is in the middle, and the "3-6" ball is furthest from you as follows:
Cephalic Index was calculated as a proportion of head width to head length expressed as a percentage as follows:
Handling and eating time may present negative relationship to head length and body size in most snakes (Shine, 1991; Vincent & Mori, 2008; Vincent, Vincent, Irschick, & Rossell, 2006).