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Feeder Mill St-I And Head Pulley Assy For Mill St-Ii,M46,1004
As the conveyed material passes the head pulley and discharges in its natural trajectory, the magnets "scalp" large tramp metal from the burden, then discharge it as the belt pulls away from the backside of the pulley.
Material leaving the first shredder is transported via a sort conveyor complete with magnetic head pulley to the secondary reduction side.
Many operators think that if they have a standard diameter head pulley in their present systems, they can ask for a magnetic pulley of the same size.
After traveling over the head pulley, the belt passes through wiper blades where oil is scraped from the belt and discharged through a small hose.
The belt is supported by independent carrying idlers and is driven by friction by the head pulley and automatically tensioned by the tail pulley.
After traveling over the head pulley, the belt passes through tandem wiper blades which scrape oil off both sides of the belt.
The belt travels over the head pulley and then passes through tandem wiper blades, from which oil is scraped off both sides and discharged.
Tenders are invited for Reconditioning of worn out non-magnetic head pulley of size dia 1400 x 1800mm width - 1 No.
To introduce material back into the product flow, the QB1 HD is installed on the face of the head pulley.
Magnetic head pulleys used as the head pulley of a conveyor system provide a simple solution to recovery of the ferrous content in waste and recycling streams.
Cleaners feature a compact design needing less than 8" of vertical clearance, prompting installation immediately behind the head pulley, where it can prevent carryback that escapes the primary head cleaner from building up on belt and other components.