head stop

label stop

label stop, 2
label molding and label stop
1. The termination of a hoodmold or arched dripstone in which the lower ends are turned away from the opening horizontally.
2. Any decorative boss or other termination of a dripstone, hoodmold, sill, etc.; a knee (Brit. colloq.).
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Many runners wisely opted for a more sedate Sunday, but a few hardy souls refused to let a fuzzy head stop them in their tracks.
Once fit, the bolt should not bind anywhere as it passes over the magazine block while also having the cartridge head stop against it.
Taking painkiller will mask the symptoms for a while, but even if you can make your head stop hurting, you have to consider the headache when trying to determine if you have the flu.
In this role he will head Stop & Shop/Giant Food's labor relations activities.
Usually the sliding panel wheels rest on the bottom track and the panel is held at the top by a removable strip of wood called the "inside head stop." Unscrew the inside head stop and remove the panel by tipping the top into the room and then lifting the bottom rollers free of the track (Photo 2).
Follow up, Having the department head stop by within another 24 hours helps reinforce the sense that residents are under watchful care.
All I can say is I've felt better." Although clearly shaken, it appears that Bryan didn't let the knock to his head stop him from enjoying a taste of the city nightlife as he was seen enjoying drinks and chatting and posing for pictures with fellow guests in the hotel bar throughout the evening.
Remove the bolt head stop plunger and spring from the bolt handle base.