head-down display

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head-down display (HDD)

head-down display (HDD)
A display inside the cockpit, usually a radarscope, or a CRT (cathode-ray tube) raster with a symbology and TV overlay. It normally is placed below or alongside the instrument panel.
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Furthermore, a low-precision cue presented on an HMD had some disruptive effect on other displayed tasks, an effect that was not observed when the cue was presented on the head-down display.
Here, the increased clutter at the head-up location disrupted target detection relative to the head-down display.
1999) found a significant effect of display platform, such that attentional tunneling was reduced more with the use of a handheld display than with the HMD, whereas no such difference between head-up and head-down display conditions was reported here.
A head-down display is breaking additional new ground with FAA.
Evaluation pilots from the 412th Flight Test Squadron and the Air Force Test Pilot School also conducted blind low-level profiles and approaches using head-up and head-down displays that were equipped with synthetic-vision elements.
Although the current data provided no evidence that a head-down display was superior for any task, the absence of the HUD benefit in response to unexpected events in Experiment I does not exclude the possibility of interference from visual clutter, a consequence of superimposed images.
For example, investigators addressing cognitive capture effects frequently present all imagery (HUD, head-down display, and simulated outside scene) on the same projection screen placed a fixed distance from the participants' eyes.
1989) conducted a comparison of HUDs and head-down displays with participants performing a driving task in a closed-loop simulator.