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So while a lot of young people get access to help through Headspace, one third of those who go to headspace are too complex for headspace alone, and they become trapped in a bottleneck in the system where they can't get the specialised care they need.
With screwcaps, the headspace volume is generally bigger, and a vacuum system cannot be used.
Headspace for Kids, a category of the app which is designed specifically for children, not only introduces them to the process of meditation but can offer support and stability through calm, focus, kindness, sleep, and wake up packages.
The City of Mesa (City) Police Forensics/Toxicology Unit is seeking to purchase one (1) Agilent Headspace Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer/Flame Ionization Detector (GCMS/FID).
The airflow keeps humidity relatively low in the headspace, pulling moisture from the fluids and preventing condensation.
The shoulder of your cases will move forward when the cartridge is fired and will effectively compensate for the excess headspace on subsequent firings.
The instruments laser transmitter sends a beam through the headspace of the package to a receiver.
The fiber was exposed in the sample headspace and maintained for 20 minutes at 50[degrees]C, with the sample in a thermostatic magnetic stirrer at 450rpm.
The sampling occurs using a headspace system with repeatability of <+5% RSD up to 15% fuel content.
In a proof of principle study, the eNose successfully discriminated between prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) by "sniffing" urine headspace (the space directly above the urine sample).