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and if he hasn’t got all the same as dead wood in his headworks, he knows summat of me.
Ali Kuli Khan said the excitement came around September 20 when our Battalion was ordered to launch an attack with a Battalion minus and a troop of tanks to capture the Hussainiwala headworks.
The discharge of water at Rasool Headworks was recorded 30,260 cusecs, 69,920 cusecs at Marala Headworks, 75,714 cusecs at Khanki Headworks, 59,276 cusecs at Qadirabad, 143,398 cusecs at Trimmu Headworks, 15,915 cusecs at Baloki Headworks, 32,359 cusecs at Sidhnai Headworks, 24,794 cusecs at Sulemanki Headworks and 15,578 cusecs water was recorded at Islam Headworks.
the global leader in advanced grit removal and handling technology, announces the asset acquisition of longtime headworks equipment designer Schloss Engineered Equipment Inc.
Headworks is the second book that Neil has published by Desmond Morris after Neil published the fantasy story 'Inrock' last year.
The Arrow-Lock Sheet Lining System is designed specifically to provide rehabilitation for corroded, but structurally sound, concrete structures such as manholes, lift stations, digesters, primary effluent channels, sludge wet wells, primary sedimentation tanks, headworks and other such areas.
Headworks, a designer and manufacturer of advanced wastewater treatment processes and equipment for municipal and industrial facilities, has won a contract to design a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) system for the upgrade of an activated sludge plant in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province.
Texas-based Headworks Bio has announced that it has won a contract to design a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) system as an upgrade to a sludge plant in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province.
9 -- Very high flood has been recorded in River Swat at Khwazakhela, Amandara, Munda Headworks and in river Kabul in Nowshera, an official release of Hydrology Department said on Sunday.
They're beginning to drive pilings into the floor of the pit and afterward will lay a concrete slab upon which the new headworks building for Norwalk's wastewater treatment plant will rise.
At Tuesday's annual meeting, district voters appropriated $200,000 to be added to a previous appropriation of $500,000 to replace the system headworks.