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people who treat illness or suffering by calling forth divine help or by attempting to control the body with the mind and spirit. Since prehistoric times healers have used such techniques as anointing with oil, the laying on of hands, and prayer. The term also refers to Christian ScienceChristian Science,
religion founded upon principles of divine healing and laws expressed in the acts and sayings of Jesus, as discovered and set forth by Mary Baker Eddy and practiced by the Church of Christ, Scientist.
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 practitioners. See also medicine manmedicine man,
among Native Americans and other traditional peoples as far back as Paleolithic times, a person believed to possess supernatural healing powers. Like the shaman the medicine man was a specialist in spiritual healing.
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; shamanshaman
, religious practitioner in various, generally small-scale societies who is believed to be able to diagnose, cure, and sometimes cause illness because of a special relationship with, or control over, spirits.
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In Healer, 17-year-old Shilo Giannelli discovers she possesses the spiritual gift of healing.
Innocent people, in this country who believe that so-called faith healers can save them from possession, evil spirits and diseases, despite any evidence, are trapped easily.
Innocent people, who believe that the so-called faith healers can save them from possession, evil spirits and diseases, despite any evidence, are trapped easily.
Therefore, it is in this context that the terms herbalist, traditional medicine and traditional healer are used in this study.
There are many kinds of healers with distinctive specializations, and most, as among many Mijikenda- and Swahili-speaking peoples of coastal Kenya, take seven years or so to become a healer.
According to details, the fake faith healer, who was also a servant employed at the house of the deceased, recorded a video of the victim Arsalan reciting a naat an hour before he beheaded him.
For 20 years, Emmy Award-winning journalist Jenniffer Weigel has been interviewing and investigating mediums, psychics, and healers.
It is not surprising that all of Juan's six children-Alejandro, 64; Gabriel, 63; Virgilio, 62; Bienvenido; Diosdada, 56; and Romulo, 53-are healers who are also training their own children.
The study showed that patient's occupation and educational level had significant association with their first visit either to a spiritual healer or traditional healer.
The healer attempted to produce healing effects on all of the cucumbers, and the cucumbers were measured to see which demonstrated the highest levels of biophotons.
In almost all parts of the country, one or two traditional healer still exists up to this time.
com announces their new online web directory of Mayan Lineage Holistic Healers and Master Teachers, complete with listings of local and online classes and session options.