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people who treat illness or suffering by calling forth divine help or by attempting to control the body with the mind and spirit. Since prehistoric times healers have used such techniques as anointing with oil, the laying on of hands, and prayer. The term also refers to Christian ScienceChristian Science,
religion founded upon principles of divine healing and laws expressed in the acts and sayings of Jesus, as discovered and set forth by Mary Baker Eddy and practiced by the Church of Christ, Scientist.
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 practitioners. See also medicine manmedicine man,
among Native Americans and other traditional peoples as far back as Paleolithic times, a person believed to possess supernatural healing powers. Like the shaman the medicine man was a specialist in spiritual healing.
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; shamanshaman
, religious practitioner in various, generally small-scale societies who is believed to be able to diagnose, cure, and sometimes cause illness because of a special relationship with, or control over, spirits.
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Many Maori patients already visited both rongoa Maori healers and doctors, often without telling either one about visiting the other.
The update nerfs Healers by making them vulnerable to air attacks.
RIYADH: Faith healing, or "ruqyah", is being increasingly used by some ill-intentioned so-called healers in the Kingdom as a way to exploit others, make money and become famous.
In addition to the physical aspects, traditional medicine also tended to the ailments of the soul with many healers reciting the Holy Quran as a mean to bring upon tranquility and calmness to patients.
Tonight the local experimental electro-funk band Sound of Thieves and the reggae band The Healers will perform at Home for Cooperation in Nicosia.
Fully accomplishing what it sets out to do, the book offers evidence that traditional medicine really works, and aspiring healers can reference text, pictures, and maps to identify and locate them.
Popper-Giveon presents students, academics, researchers, and general interest readers with an account of the experience of traditional Arab women healers and their patients in Israel.
So-called natural healers are more effective, cheaper, and promote a healthy planet.
Several folk healers from different villages in the northern part of Jordan were interviewed many times.
The social status of these healers is ambiguous: on one hand, they are valued for fighting disease; on the other, they are feared, owing to their constant contact with it.
Women Healers of the World: The Traditions, History, and Geography of Herbal Medicine is a pick for health, fitness, and women's issues collections alike and documents the rise of herbal medicine and remedies as it pertains to women who promote these herbs.