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health-care proxy,

legal document in which a person assigns to another person, usually called an agent or proxy, the authority to make medical decisions in case of incapacitation. It is, in essence, a power of attorney for health care. In many cases, the health-care proxy is used in conjunction with a living willliving will,
legal document in which a person expresses in advance his or her wishes concerning the use of artificial life support, to be referred to should the person be unable to communicate such wishes at the end of life.
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 that spells out the person's wishes regarding the extent of life-sustaining treatment desired at the end of life. It differs from a living will, however, in that the chosen agent has the authority to deal with any medical situation that may arise, not just end-of-life situations, and in that the agent can deal with circumstances not foreseen by the person in a living will. A health-care proxy gives a next of kin or other family member additional authority to make decisions; it can also be used to assign authority to someone outside the family. Health-care proxies go into effect when the attending physician determines that the patient lacks the capacity to make decisions. Prior to that time, the person retains all decision-making rights.


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Though the health care proxy remained in limited effect, there was no successor agent appointed by the power of attorney so the court was forced to appoint a guardian of the person and property to provide for Rosalie H.
The right to decide what course of treatments to pursue (Your living will should state your feelings about treatments, but the health care proxy can choose specific options that might not be knowable in advance.
A health care proxy is a written record in which an individual (a principal) authorizes another person (an agent) to have to make health another person (an agent) to make health care decisions on his or her behalf when he or she is not capable of making such decisions.
The health care proxy one form of advance directive, enables an individual to designate an agent to speak for him or her about health care decisions in the event the individual is not able to do so.
Regardless of that, if the case were such that she was fully lacking the capacity to make a decision about her medical treatment, we are under the obligation to respect the substituted judgment of her health care proxy.
That is, when only 25 percent of respondents agree that newly admitted residents have the cognitive capacity to complete health care proxy forms and almost 50 percent agree that families are too overwhelmed at admissions to fully understand advance directives (and many have not decided on treatment issues before nursing home admission), then the value of introducing advance directives during admissions may be of little use to many older adults and their family members.
Sam Halpern, executive vice president of Insuractive, a broker that works with numerous travel insurance companies, advises that your right to make decisions about one another's medical care will depend on whether you and your partner have health care proxy and power-of-attorney documentation.
A possible alternative is a health care proxy, in which patients appoint someone to make decisions on their behalf if they can't make the decisions themselves, she said.
A possible alternative is a health care proxy, in which patients appoint a certain person to make decisions on their behalf if they can't make the decisions themselves.
With a current will, a durable power of attorney, and a health care proxy, you can determine who you would like to receive your assets--and who can stand in for you to make decisions if that should ever be necessary.
ISSUE: Does a health care proxy authorize an agent to commit a patient to a Mental Hospital?

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