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Filling the health physics capability gap left by the departure of the NMSO forced medical planners in the CJOA-A to devise a solution within the mandated force management level constraints at the time.
For information about health physics and health physicists, contact:
As a result of this finding, the New York State Health Department began a comprehensive campaign in 1981 to find radioactive, contaminated jewelry," reported the journal Health Physics in 1986.
Photo Health physics technician Sharon Phillips holds four 3-week-old kittens found at San Onofre power plant with high levels of radiation.
The workshop goal was to provide the NMSO participants with an integrated learning opportunity based upon a real world case study, enhancing individual and group health physics expertise while providing practical risk communication and media communication training.
Here practitioner and consultant Bevelacqua bridges the gap between health physics textbooks and the reference materials needed by practicing health physicists as he focuses on radiation-generating technologies.
Herbie Lyall, a health physics surveyor at the Caithness facility for 30 years, spoke out two weeks after it emerged that Dounreay's owners, the UK Atomic Energy Authority, could face prosecution over radioactive releases.
Their calculations, presented in the December 2004 Health Physics, indicate that residues from the water left each heating tank with up to 69 grams of uranium, depending on the tank's age and the household's water use.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The Mirion Technologies Health Physics Division announced it has delivered SPIR Detect area radiation monitors to the Italian Civil Defense Authority.
Tenders are invited for Annual Contract To Assist Chemists And Health Physics Personnel For Conducting Routine Analytical Work At PCAL
ATLANTA, April 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- West Physics, the leading national provider of medical and health physics consulting and testing services, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Medical Physics Services, Inc.

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