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Adorable cute flowers mixing purple, yellow and white. Flowers edible with a delicious, mild mint wintergreen flavor. Leaf tea used for sickness, sore throats, epilepsy, blood purifier, asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism, heart palpitations, skin problems, eczema, calming sedative. A great addition to drinks, soups, desserts or salads.
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Mr de la Haye's music features on the new Shona Mooney album Heartsease.
On the cover of the dish alongside the arms of the Elector and his wife appear the heartsease or wild pansy which show the twin faces of togetherness and thoughtfulness.
Pot marigolds, nasturtium (flowers and leaves), hollyhock, heartsease (viola tricolor) dandelion, violet, pinks (dianthus sp.
Sadness and a sense of isolation might seem almost inseparable from poetic inspiration of the higher kinds," Webster writes in a review of James Russell Lowell's Heartsease and Rue, "were it not that in the highest range of all a fresher air is reached.
patula), Garden Nasturtium (A), (Tropaeolum majus) and finally Heartsease (A, B) (Viola tricolour).
Swathes of bright yellow gorse sheltered clumps of heartsease, or wild pansy, in the dunes at the entrance of the estuary.
Pansies share the delicate-looking but tough characteristics of the family from which they were originally bred ( violas, violets and the little wild pansy, heartsease.
The novel product is created from the entirely natural resources of sparkling water from the Heartsease spring and pure fruit juice.
Herbs ranging from dandelion and greater celandine to cramp bark and heartsease can alleviate many of the problems people often take to their doctors.
Visitors will be able to try Radnor Hills' Heartsease Farm drinks, Welsh lamb and traditional Welsh teatime favourites, Welshcakes and bara brith.